Easter Error Hunt

Easter "Error" Hunt


Hunt for errors @ or give suggestions to improve and win attractive prices upto the whole amount we got through our first Google Ads Cheque. 

Coding Contest: Program to Read Index from a Pdf

You need to create a program that takes any PDF ebook as an input , read its index (table of contents in the begenning) then and print it into an html file with bulleted points and proper indentation. 

You may ask any doubt as a comment below. Don't make assumptions without asking.


Important Rules

  1. The decision on the winner will be made by team and will be final.

Coding Contest: Program to Compare Two Directories

Write a program that accept two directories (or even two drives or hard disks), efficiently compare them and tell the files/locations which are not same. It should also tell if a file has been changed based on factors such as size, timestamp etc.

Basically it needs to act as a file system backup tool that suggests the files that need to updated to the backup device or vice versa. However, it may not actually copy the files or do the backup.



Important Points

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