What is Big Data?

Learning something about the techniques and concepts of BigData is always good before learning any BigData related technology like Hadoop. It gives you a fair idea on where things fit together. This is just a quick introduction to the concepts of BigData like definitions, applications and differences with small data.

This note can be used as a quick learner or a quick refresher for BigData concepts. For detailed learning, you may refer to the reference notes or tutorials mentioned.


Data in Big Data - Generation, Structure, Storing and Challenges

According to the concept of the 3Vs, BigData is data that may be very big (Volume) that may come in very fast for processing like a continuous streaming data (Velocity) and may be very diverse like structured, unstructured, NoSQL database data etc (Variety). Data is the most important part in BigData; if there is no data, then there is no BigData. So we will discuss about how data is generated, data types, where the data is stored and also various challenges with managing and processing.


Big Data and Data Science

Any discussion about Big Data will not be complete without discussing about Data Science and its relation with Big Data. Data Science can be considered as the extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data that are structured (e.g. RDBMS, Excel) or unstructured (e.g. emails, videos, photos, social media, and other user-generated content). Data Science may be considered as a continuation of the field of data mining and predictive analytics.

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