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I am doing Object Oriented at school.Is the notes easy to follow?

You want to learn only object oriented or core java with object oriented programming ? 

I am planning to give the Exam of OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I certification 1ZO-803 on next month.
Can anyone help me in getting the dumps for the same...

We don't provide dumps nor encourage dumps. However we have collected possible sample questions from the internet, which most people may also call as dumps. We will not send the complete question bank for you to by heart. But we will send questions in parts with references to notes, and you need to answer them and return back. Minimum 1 line explanation is needed for every question answer. Once we verify the answers, we will send the next part, and so on. But again these are just sample questions and you should not rely completely on these. Let me know if you want to start the above process.

You need to have 50 points in your account to initiate this leaning process. You can earn points every time you comment on any page. Since you are preparing for 1z0-803, please you read the book and you can learn all topics for this exam with sample questions. While learning you can comment on at least 10 of the 43 topics to get enough points for this learning program. 

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