restful web service

Introduction to RESTful Web Services

REST stands for Representational State Transfer and is a newer addition to the web service family.

Roy Fielding coined the acronym REST in his Ph.D dissertation to describe an architectural style in the design of scalable web services.

Designing Restful Web Services Part 1 - URIs, Data Format and HTTP Methods

RESTful web services have less rules or standards compared to SOAP and hence a proper design following the best practices and guidelines are very essential for creating good RESTful web services.

If you know http and servlets well, you already know most of the required technologies for implementing RESTful web services. However for developing good RESTful web services, that is not enough.

Designing Restful Web Services Part 2 - HATEOAS

HATEOAS stands for ‘Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State’.

HATEOAS is a principle in which your data formats drive the state transitions in your application.

Links to other resources are embedded within the response data format and going to these links will change the state of your applications.

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