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Java EE Web Components Part1 - Http and Servlets

This is part1 of the notes for the course on Java EE Web Component Developer. This book specifically covers http, java ee environment, servlets and deployment related topics. Part 2 note book will cover JSPs. The course Java EE Web Component Developer aim to cover the complete objectives for the Oracle certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer. 

Java Multithreading Book

This note book contains notes on multithreading concepts such synchronization, deadlock, producer consumer problem etc. The book also explores the new concurrency package features and also provides a best practice summary.

This book assumes that you are familiar with the topics discussed @ 'Beginning Java Book'.

Beginning Java Book

This book will try to get you introduced to the world of programming and Java and will cover most of the required topics for Java Programmer 1 exam.

Spring Framework 5 Essentials

This book will discuss about enough Spring framework essentials that would serve as a foundation for advanced Spring learning.

We will be using Maven primarily for build config, but will give few examples for Gradle. We will be focussing on Java configuration and annotations. For notes on xml configurations please refer here.

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