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[Course Plan] Beginning Java Course Plan Structure

  1. Part 1 – Classes, Objects, Methods, Constructors.

    1. Part 1 Quiz

    2. Ref: Notes 1-10

  2. Part 2 – Variables, Datatypes, Operators, Operands

    1. Part 2 Quiz

    2. Ref: Notes 11-15

  3. Part 3 – String, StringBuffer, Decision Control

    1. Part 3 Quiz

    2. Ref: Notes 15-20

  4. Part 4 – Looping constructs, arrays

    1. Part 4 Quiz

    2. Ref: Notes 21-25

BigData and Hadoop Course Plan

  • BigData and Hadoop are two popular keywords that you will almost always see and hear in today's IT industry. It has applications in many different areas. It has also huge job opportunity.

  • We are planning to start our official BigData training in September/October 2015. Current plan is to share at least one blog post per week and will mostly happen on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

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