Technology Focus At JavaJee For Coming Days

Technologies and methodologies changes over time. We will have to learn new things and improve ourselves. I will list out few things that I will be focusing on in coming days.

  1. Java 13 came out with recently. Java 11 is the latest LTE version. Our current primary focus is to use at least Java 11 for all code within this website.

Spring 101 - Spring Framework Essentials

This book will discuss about enough Spring framework 5 essentials that would serve as a foundation for advanced Spring learning.

We will be using Maven primarily for build config, but will give few examples for Gradle. We will be focussing on Java configuration and annotations. For notes on xml configurations please refer here. [node:read-more:link]

Java 101 - Getting Started with Java

This book will try to get you introduced to the world of programming and Java and will cover most of the required topics for Java Programmer 1 exam. [node:read-more:link]

What is your most preferred way of learning?

Finalize Method in Java - Why Not To Use, Limited Use Cases and Alternatives

Every class in Java has a finalize() method inherited from the Object class, which will be called by GC when the object is eligible for garbage collection. Main purpose of this method is to perform any cleanup actions before the object is completely discarded by GC. However, the finalize method may take any action, including making this object available again to other threads. The finalize method of class Object does nothing; it simply returns normally. [node:read-more:link]

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