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Online Step By Step Core Java Learning Program

Rome Was Not Built In a Day!!! If you are new to Java and want to be an expert in Java, let us start with one step at a time. If you are really interested, let us know and we will guide you in your Java journey...

Details of the learning program is as follows:

  1. You will be given questions from exam sample questions part by part (along with reference material).

  2. You need to read the materials, try solving the questions and send us the response in correct format.

Our Technology Directions

Java, being one of the most popular programming languages, has many frameworks, and some of these frameworks even solve similar problems. So the question is to use which framework or feature to solve a particular problem. You can read about our current technology directions and some reasons for chosing one framework or feature over the other here. 

Technology Focus At JavaJee For Coming Days

Technologies and methodologies changes over time. We will have to learn new things and improve ourselves. I will list out few things that I will be focusing on in coming days.

  1. Java 8 has been around for long time now and even Java 9 has come out. It is high time we have mastered the new things in Java 8 and Java 9, especially functional programming, lambdas, streams and even the new APIs. So my primary focus will on mastering Java 8 and Java 9.

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