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Interface vs Abstract Class - A Quick Comparison

We already learned what an abstract class is and what an interface is. We will now do a detailed comparison of interfaces and abstract classes, followed by a listing of points in favor of each of them, as this is also a very common interview question in Java.

Frequently Asked Questions in Core Java - Part 1

This page will contain some of the frequently asked questions. 

A Long List of Java Questions

We found these questions from the internet and keeps on adding to the list.

To answer the question, you can go to the forum and answer under relavent topics. You may find answers for some of these questions already @ forum


Are static methods inherited?

I have seen many people arguing that static methods are not inherited. That is one misconception many beginning programmers have. According to true object oriented principles, static methods should not have inherited, but with Java a class does inherit all members of parent class including static.


So what is the answer to the question of if static methods are inherited? A simple answer as per Java Language Specification would be "Yes" for classes and "No" for interfaces:

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