Hibernate 3 Note Book (Archived)

This note book will provide an introduction to Hibernate 3 and will cover all the important topics to get started with Hibernate like setting up and getting started, inheritance, mappings, HQL and the Criterial API. All the examples in this book have been tested with Hibernate version 3.6.10.

This is not the latest version of hibernate, latest version tutorial can be found at

Agile and Software Craftsmanship

Learn more about agile software development, extreme programming, scrum etc. Also read about the experiences and best practices while using agile.

Archived Notes

Archived Notes


VoiceXML is a XML based markup language used to create voice applications. I have started my career working with IVR and Vxml along with Java. Since it is not directly part of Java or Java EE, it has a different facebook community page @

webMethods Integration Server

webMethods Integration Server is an integration server focused on application integration, business process integration and B2B partner integration. 

SAP ERP Basics for EAI

This book will cover the basic SAP knowledge you would require to work with SAP Java Connector (JCo) like EDI, ALE, IDocs, RFCs and basic knowledge of ABAP.

SAP Java Connector (JCo)

SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) is a middleware component provided by SAP to implement ABAP and RFC compliant applications in Java. You can learn the basics of JCo, and see and try out simple JCo examples.

SQL and Database Notes

This book and all its children are moved to

Getting Started with Hibernate 4 (Archived)

This note book will help you to get started with Hibernate 4 like setting up environment, inheritance, mappings, HQL and the Criterial API. All the examples in this book have been tested with Hibernate version 4.2.4.

Beginning BigData and Hadoop

BigData and Hadoop are two key terms that you hear almost every day on the Job market today.  

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