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Given a binary tree, find out if it is a binary search tree or not.

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Essential Module-wise Exercises for Beginning Java Notes

This page contains a set of basic exercises that you need to complete along with your beginning Java notes. Exercises are divided into modules similar to the modules for multiple choice questions. Practice these alongside reading notes and answering the multiple choice questions.



  1. Write a HelloWorld program. Write a simple program with a main method that prints Hello World.

Important Questions and Observations in Spring Framework 4 Essentials

  1. If you invoke getBean("writer") and there are two beans defined with the name writer in your xml configuration file or Java configuration file. What will happen?
    • It will return the second one defined.

Autowiring in Spring

Through the autowiring feature, spring will intelligently guess some of the bean injection without needing to configure explicitly. Spring can do autowiring based on the type of the bean, name of the bean, and constructor of the bean. Default is autowire by type.

[Example] A Simple Spring Boot Application

A Spring Boot standalone application uses the @SpringBootApplication annotation over the main class, which also has the main method to execute the application. The SpringApplication.run method call accepts two parameters — the class that actually contains the annotated @SpringBootApplication annotation and any application arguments. The ApplicationArguments interface allows you to access any application arguments.


Coding Contest: Program to Compare Two Directories

Write a program that accept two directories (or even two drives or hard disks), efficiently compare them and tell the files/locations which are not same. It should also tell if a file has been changed based on factors such as size, timestamp etc.

Basically it needs to act as a file system backup tool that suggests the files that need to updated to the backup device or vice versa. However, it may not actually copy the files or do the backup.



Important Points

Dependency Injection in Spring With Annotations

@Autowired, @Resource, and @Inject are examples for annotations that are used for dependency injection in Spring.

While @Autowired is provided by the Spring framework, @Resource and @Inject are java standard annotations.

When using annotation-based dependency injection, if the dependency is not injected, we would get an exception at the startup of our application itself.


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[Downloads] Sample questions for OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Preparation

This page contains 500+ sample exam questions for OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I certification 1ZO-803 exam to test your knowledge on core Java. Materials are free, but to avoid misuse of materials, we have encrypted the downloads. Please check note below for getting password for the questions and also for getting the answers and explanations.


Coding Contest: Program to Read Index from a Pdf

You need to create a program that takes any PDF ebook as an input , read its index (table of contents in the begenning) then and print it into an html file with bulleted points and proper indentation. 

You may ask any doubt as a comment below. Don't make assumptions without asking.


Important Rules

  1. The decision on the winner will be made by javajee.com team and will be final.


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