Using Eclipse Web Services Explorer for Testing and Explorig SOAP Web Services

The Web Services Explorer is a tool available within Eclipse and can be used to test SOAP web services. 


The Web Services Explorer primarily has below funtionalities:

  • Browsing and invoking Web services via their WSDL and XSD.

  • Biscovering Web services in WS-Inspection 1.0 documents, and in UDDI v2 or v3 registries using the UDDI v2 protocol.

  • Publishing Web services to UDDI v2 or v3 registries using the UDDI v2 protocol.


Please refer to the link for details on how to use it. There are many tools available for this purpose, but since this is already part of eclipse, thought of mentioning it here.

There might be minor changes from the way things are descibed in the above link if your eclipse version is different, but there should not be any major change. If you find any significant change, please do let us know and we will create a new note here.

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