[Lab] Deploying a Bottum-up SOAP Web Service in Glassfish Server from Eclipse


Before trying out this example, you will need to download and install Java EE 7 SDK which comes with GlassFish Open Source Edition 4 (currently 4.1.1) and then configure eclipse to deploy Java EE applications directly to GlassFish Server.

For details, refer to http://www.javajee.com/configuring-glassfish-server-4-with-eclipse-to-bu....


Getting Started

  • Start the Eclipse (Java EE eclipse configured with Glassfish server)

  • Create a Dynamic Web Project selecting Glassfish server as the Target runtime.


Screenshot: Dynamic Web Project


The Web Service

Right click on src folder under java resources and create a simple class annotated as web service:

package com.javajee.webservices.soap;

import javax.jws.WebService;

public class MyWebService {

    public String myServiceMethod() {
        return "Message From myServiceMethod";




Deploying and verifying the results

  • Right click Glassfish server in the servers tab, click on "Add or Remove", and add "WebServiceDemo".

  • Right click on the server in the servers view and go to Glassfish > view Admin Console. This will take you to the admin console @ http://localhost:4848/common/index.jsf.

    • Click on Applications tab on left to see the list of deployed applications. You can see the application WebServicesDemo. Note Engines are specified as webservices and web. 

    • Click on the application to go to Edit Application page.

    • Under 'Modules and Components' click on 'View Endpoint' link. It will provide links to the wsdl as well as a tester for testing out the SOAP web service. 

    • View the wsdl and test the application using the tester to see the SOAP request and SOAP response.


Screenshot: Tester


Common issues and solutions

Delpoyment may fail with below error:

cannot Deploy WebServiceDemo
deploy is failing=Application with name
[WebServiceDemo] is not deployed

Solution 1:


  1. if you have defined a package for your web service class. Default package will result in NullPointerException

  2. if you have at least one public method in your web service class


Solution 2: 

(If solution 1 did not help)

Right click Glassfish server in the servers tab and check (select) "Use JAR archives for deployment" in the Glassfish tab.

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