[Exercises] Additional Exercises based on SOAP Web Services

  1. Create a Web Service with a method that accept a String (as parameter) and Echo it back (return it).

    • Deploy the service on Glassfish application server

    • View and analyze the WSDL file and find the relationships with the class.

    • Test it using the Glassfish webservice tester

    • View and analyze SOAP request and SOAP response displayed by the tester.

  2. Do the following changes on top of the lab @ http://javajee.com/lab-deploying-a-simple-soap-web-service-in-glassfish-....

  3. Try out all SOAP Binding attribute combinations given @ http://javajee.com/additional-soap-binding-attributes-and-attribute-comi....

    • Try out all SOAP Binding attribute positive combinations and verify the result.

    • Try out all SOAP Binding negative combinations and document the errors.

    • Create a class with overloaded operations and then use WRAPPED and UNWRAPPED style and document the results.

  4. Create an EmployeeDetails Service Bottup Up:

    • Service class name should be EmployeeDetails

    • There should be a class Employee with fields Id, Name, Age, Salary.

    • It should have a method getEmployees

      • This method should return a list of Employee objects

  5. Mini Project: 

    • Create a generic web service client that can send a web service request to any web service provider.

      •  You will be given the url to wsdl as input.

    • Can take upto 2 weeks to complete.

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