Bottum Up SOAP Web Service Development

Bottom-up web service development components

Important participants in a bottom up SOAP based web service implementation are:

  • Service Endpoint Interface (SEI) 

  • Service Implementation Bean (SIB)  

  • Any publisher.



  • Service Endpoint Interface (SEI) is an interface that declares the web service operations as its methods.

  • Service implementation Bean (SIB) is the implementation class of the SEI.

  • A SOAP – based web service could be implemented as a single java class, 

    • But best practice is to have an interface (SEI) that declares the web service operations as its methods, and an implementation (SIB), which defines the methods declared in the interface.

  • The SIB can be either a POJO or a stateless session EJB


Annotations to create web services

While creating a web service bottom up, we can configure the SEI and SIB to act as a web service using annotations.

In case of bottom up web service, the binding properties in a WSDL can be specified using these annotations.

You can find a summary of the most commonly used annotations for creating web services @


Endpoint Publisher

We can use a standalone publisher like Endpoint publisher ( or a webcontainer like Tomcat.

References and notes: 

Endpoint publisher

  • The java.xml.Endpoint class can be used to publish a web service from a simple java application.

  • Out of the box, the Endpoint publisher handles one request at a time, but can be made multithreaded using an Executor.

  • The single threaded endpoint publisher is suited for development and the multithreaded one can be used in light production mode.

  • However a web container such as tomcat is better suited to publish multiple web services in actual production.


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