Certification Exam Crash Course

If you are short of time to meet the deadline for taking certifications and need assistance, you can do a quick crash course. Details of the online / offline crash course program is as follows:

  1. You will be given questions from exam sample questions part by part (along with reference material).
  2. You need to read the materials, try solving the questions and send us the response in correct format.
  3. We will correct them and send back the answers with explanations.
  4. If you still have doubts, you can dial in to the given number during the allocated time and clear your doubts over phone, or clear doubts over chat.
  5. Once you complete all the questions in the sample question bank, we will send you the complete question bank.
  6. To understand the concepts better, we will also give you previous exams sample questions relavent to Java 7 with answers. 
  7. *You need to be regular for the course and complete certification within a time agreed upon initially by you and us.

Contact us using the contact form for more details and admission procedure.



How is it different from buying exam dumps, learning and passing?

When time is less you tend to learn from exam dumps questions and pass them. However in most cases, you don't learn anything else than the options (A,B,C,D...). This program is a humple effort from our side to add some value to the certification process. We will understand and learn well those sample questions through offline practice, proper explanations and telephonic explanations. If you don't want just to pass the exam, but also to understand and learn all the topics well, please opt for offer 2.

Moreover the course if completely FREE.

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