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Exam Crash Course

If you are short of time to meet the deadline for taking certifications or attend interviews, and need assistance, you can do a quick crash course.

Details of the online / offline crash course program is as follows:

  1. You will be given questions from exam sample questions part by part (along with reference material).

  2. You need to read the materials, try solving the questions and send us the response in correct format.

Online Step By Step Core Java Learning Program

Rome Was Not Built In a Day!!! If you are new to Java and want to be an expert in Java, let us start with one step at a time. If you are really interested, let us know and we will guide you in your Java journey...


Basic strutcutre of the learning program:

  1. There will be two sessions per week over skype (or any chat of batch's preference) or through a recorded video. 

Academic Project Help for Engineering Students

If you are looking for some help for your academic projects, you can contact us (use the contact form or facebook). Our team would be more than happy to guide you in doing a project involving Java and probably cloud. You don't have to be master in programming, but you should be ready to put some actual effort. We will also teach you the required Java language and cloud features.


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