Online Step By Step Core Java Learning Program

Rome Was Not Built In a Day!!! If you are new to Java and want to be an expert in Java, let us start with one step at a time. If you are really interested and can spend at least 30 minutes per day, let me know and we can start immediately. I will guide you in your Java journey...


Basic strutcutre of the learning program:

  1. There will be one session per day on every weekday (evenings or mornings) over skype (or any chat of your preference) or through a recorded video ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and extended further if required. 
  2. After the session, you will be given some assignments or one or more articles to read (from the web site or other sites, or few pages related to a topic from any book. The use of any text books will be communicated earlier.)
  3. After the session, you should do the assignments and complete reading any articles before the next session.
  4. We will start the next day session with the evaluation of the assignment and doubts clearing. 

Note that we will have the next day session only when you confirm you are done reading the previous day articles and completed any assignements.


Topics Covered:

All core java certification (OCJP) topics, as changed by Oracle from time to time.


Minumum Requirements:

  1. You should have a computer/laptop which can run Java programs.
  2. At minimum, you should have an internet/broadband connection with sifficient speed to downlad Java, Eclipse etc. and transfer any assignment files.
  3. For skype/voice chat, you will need a broadband connection with sifficient speed. Else only normal chat will be available.


Happy Learning and Sharing!!!



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