Coding Contest: Program to Read Index from a Pdf

You need to create a program that takes any PDF ebook as an input , read its index (table of contents in the begenning) then and print it into an html file with bulleted points and proper indentation. 

You may ask any doubt as a comment below. Don't make assumptions without asking.


Important Rules

  1. The decision on the winner will be made by team and will be final.

LinkedHashMap Class

LinkedHashMap extends HashMap and has a predictable iteration order.


Properties of LinkedHashMap

  1. LinkedHashMap implementation maintains a doubly-linked list running through all of its entries.

  2. The doubly linked list maintained by the LinkedHashMap implementation defines the iteration ordering.

  3. By default, the order is the order in which keys were inserted into the map.

[Assignment Problem] Multi-threaded Series Printer


Write a multi-threaded program to print data from four series of data in alternating order.

There are four series of data are as below:

Series 1:              0,            4,            8,            12,          …

Series2:               1,            5,            9,            13,          …

Series3:               2,            6,            10,          14,          …

[Lab-Analysis] Setting Up For Rest Web Services Development Using Maven Jersey Archetype

In the lab @, you setup the environment and executed a REST service.

Below are the important files generated, as you can see from the eclipse Project Explorer:

[Lab] Setting Up For Rest Web Services Development Using Maven Jersey Archetype

Jersey is a popular JAX-RS implementation.

Jersey is the open source, production quality, JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services.

In addition to being the Reference Implementation, Jersey also provides an API so that developers may extend Jersey to suit their needs.

You can download JAX-RS from Jersy Homepage at You can also set it up using a build tool such a maven.


REST Based Web Services Development with JAX-RS

Java API for XML – Restful web services (JAX–RS) is the standard specification for developing REST web services.

JAX-RS uses annotations to simplify the development and deployment of web service clients and endpoints. Important JAX-RS annotations can be used @


Getting Familiar with the BlockingQueue Interface

A Queue is a first in first out (FIFO) data structure, as we have already seen.

BlockingQueue is a queue that additionally supports operations that wait for the queue to become non-empty when retrieving an element, and wait for space to become available in the queue when storing an element.

BlockingQueue methods come in four forms:

  1. those that throws an exception,

[Problem] Three Thread Synchronization Using State Pattern


Create three threads

  • one that print '1' for 5 times.

  • one that print '2' for 5 times.

  • one that print '3' for 5 times.

Need to implement coordination between them so that  1, 2 and 3 should be printed in order from the three threads:








Hint: The order should be same theoretically and practically. Putting a sleep while printing might work in some cases, but it cannot be guaranteed always.

[Lab-Analysis] Using JAXB Annotations with SOAP Web Services

In the previous lab we created the web service with an annotation @XmlType with attribute propOrder  on top of Employee class to define order of field elements.

[Lab] Using JAXB Annotations with SOAP Web Services

We can use JAXB annoatations to specify the XML element names within the SOAP request and response.

JAXB will be making use of your default constructor and setters/getters. Remember to give a default constructor for your class in case you are having parameterized constrcutors.



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