Technology Focus At JavaJee For Coming Days

Technologies and methodologies changes over time. We will have to learn new things and improve ourselves. I will list out few things that I will be focusing on in coming days.

  1. Java 8 has been around for long time now and even Java 9 has come out. It is high time we have mastered the new things in Java 8 and Java 9, especially functional programming, lambdas, streams and even the new APIs. So my primary focus will on mastering Java 8 and Java 9.

  2. There are more features getting added in frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate, like the Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Batch etc. I will be spending time for mastering these and helping you master these. Will be learning and adding more notes on these.

  3. DevOps culture is getting a lot of attention these days. There are many areas within DevOps and automation that we can explore. 

  4. I will also focus a bit on non functional requirements such as performance, security and scalability of distributed applications. This also includes Java performance improvements within JVM, securing web applications and building scalable distributed applications. 

  5. Microservices architecture are used to build better distributed systems and is considered the way forward replacing older monolithic application architectures. So I will also spend time making the microservice architecture clearer. 

  6. I will shift my focus from thick UI client technologies such as Swing and JavaFX to JavaScript based thin UI client technologies. There are many technologies out there. I will be focusing on Angular JS, Typescript, RXJS and node.js as of now.

  7. I will also be adding more notes on tools like Maven, Git etc. which are essential development tools.

  8. Finally, we will learn to develop for the cloud. Cloud specific notes are available at our cloud blog and learning initiative

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