[Quiz] Important Questions on Http and Servlets

  1. What are the three ways in which you can tell the container that your class is a servlet?

  2. Compare filters with RequestDispatcher mechanism.

  3. Can you include or forward to filters using the RequestDispatcher mechanism?

  4. What will happen if you call two RequestDispatcher forwards or includes from within a servlet's doXXX method?

  5. Can you use wrappers to have two RequestDispatcher forward requests without any exception?

  6. Which are the three roles defined in the Java EE specification related to application deployment and maintenance?

  7. What is the significance of load-on-startup sub-element of a servlet element in DD? What is the significance is the load-on-startup value is 0? 

  8. How can you make sure that a session will not expire irrespective of the client inactive time?

  9. What is the significance of MIME, MIME Mappings and Content type in Java EE web applications?

  10. Can a value object know when it is being added to or removed from an object? Explain.

  11. How can you get the HttpSession object from within a value object that will be added as an attribute to the session?

  12. How can you know the attribute name with which a value object is added as an attribute to the session, from within the value object?

  13. How many session related listeners are there? List down all session related listeners?

  14. Which is the session related listener which should not be configured as a listener in web.xml or through annotations or programatically?


Where are the answers?

You can look for answers either @ the web component developer note book or at the forum.

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