What is your most preferred way of learning?


Please add more details by writing a comment if possible, like:

  1. Why you chose that option?

  2. What would be your priority order of preference from all options?

  3. Any suggestions?

Best answers and suggestions will get special prices, including JavaJee.com hoodies and mobile recharges.


I have choosen the  Website. why i did not choose the Books/PDF,because in book contaions so many extra things which ll not use in our live work may be it can be helpfull for theorytical point of view. And Class room is also good for Student , As we are proffessionals  and we dont have much time so we can go and attend class because travelling it self takes time.





I have choosen the PDF or E-book, because we read it offline as well and can learn in  depth and we can refer back whenever we want .But in case of Website need to be online and can not assure that page will be availble whenever it is required again. And one more thing is in the website , they explain about particular solution or topic upto some extent but not in depth

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