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Multiple Choice Question


A try statement must always have a ............. associated with it.

Select 1 option

A. catch 
B. throws 
C. finally 
D. catch, finally or both 
E. throw 

Multiple Choice Question


Consider the following method 

public float parseFloat( String s ){ 
  float f = 0.0f;   try{      
f = Float.valueOf( s ).floatValue();   
   return f ;   }  
 catch(NumberFormatException nfe){    
  f = Float.NaN ;     
 return f;   }   
   f = 10.0f;     
 return f;   } }

What will it return if the method is called with the input "0.0" ?

Select 1 option 

A. It will not compile. 
B. It will return 10.0 
C. It will return Float.Nan 
D. It will return 0.0 
E. None of the above.

Multiple Choice Question


Given the class

// Filename: 

public class Test{   
public static void main(String args[]){      
for(int i = 0; i< args.length; i++){         
System.out.print("  "+args[i]);      }   } } 

Now consider the following 3 options for running the program:

a: java Test 
b: java Test param1 
c: java Test param1 param2 

Which of the following statements are true?

Select 2 options 

A. The program will throw java.lang.ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException on option a. 
B. The program will throw java.lang.NullPointerException on option a. 
C. The program will print Test param1 on option b. 
D. It will print param1 param2 on option c. 
E. It will not print anything on option a.

Multiple Choice Question


What will the following code print when compiled and run?

abstract class Calculator{   
abstract void calculate();   
public static void main(String[] args){      
Calculator x = null;     
 x.calculate();   } }

Select 1 option 

A. It will not compile. 
B. It will not print anything and will throw NullPointerException 
C. It will print calculating and then throw NullPointerException. 
D. It will print calculating and will throw NoSuchMethodError 
E. It will print calculating and will throw MethodNotImplementedException 

Multiple Choice Question


What will the following program print when run?

public class TestClass{  
public static void main(String[] args){     
System.exit(0);     }     
System.out.println("finally is always executed!");    
 }  } }

Select 1 option

A. It will print  "finally is always executed!" 
B. It will not compile as there is no catch block. 
C. It will not print anything. 
D. An exception will be thrown 
E. None of the above. 


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