JavaJEE Note Posts

  • JavaJEE note posts are not pure blog posts, but learning notes of the author that he shares along with his class room and online courses.

    • Therefore, some of these notes may not be completely self explanatory as a regular blog, and you may have to attend the training sessions or read through the reference books or materials to understand everthing. 

    • However the author will try to explain any doubts through comments. You can always ask for explanations through comments or contact us option.

      • If your doubt is not resolved through chat, we usually arrange quick online sessions to explain things.

  • We follow this approach (note posts instead of full blogs) because this will enable people to come back and use this as a quick reference on any topics they have learned before, without needing to go through a long explanation, like many text books do.

  • The author is also a learner and refers various books, tutorials and online notes over time. Though the author try to put in a reference to all the materials he referred, he might miss few too. So if you find any such missing reference, please let us know and we will add the reference or modify the contents.

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