Hibernate Essentials Questions for Self Assessment

This is a list of basic questions from Hibernate which you can use to check your understanding or even prepare for interviews. You may use the parent chapter, other chapters or hibernate or the forum to discuss more on these questions.


  1. What is a framework?

  2. What do you mean by CRUD?

  3. What is Hibernate? What are the advantages of using Hibernate?

  4. What is Java Persistence API (JPA)?

  5. What is an ORM? What are the advantages of ORM over JDBC?

  6. Briefly explain Hibernate architecture?

  7. What is a configuration object in hibernate?

  8. List some of the most common methods of Hibernate configuration?

  9. What are the different ways in which you can configure a hibernate application?

  10. What do you mean by a transaction in hibernate?

  11. What is a SessionFactory in hibernate?

  12. Is Hibernate SessionFactory a thread-safe object?

  13. What is a Session in hibernate?

  14. Is Session in Hibernate a thread-safe object?

  15. What are the states of an object in hibernate?

  16. What are the inheritance mapping strategies available in Hibernate?

  17. How many types of association mapping are possible in hibernate?

  18. What is lazy loading in hibernate? What is the opposite of it?

  19. What is HQL (Hibernate Query Language)?

  20. What is the purpose of Session.beginTransaction() method? How do you end it?

  21. Where are Object/relational mappings are defined in hibernate?

  22. What is root node of hbm.xml?

  23. Which element of hbm.xml defines a specific mappings from a Java classes to the database tables?

  24. Which element of hbm.xml defines maps the unique ID attribute in class to the primary key of the database table?

  25. Which element of hbm.xml is used to automatically generate the primary key values?

  26. Which element of hbm.xml is used to map a Java class property to a column in the database table?

  27. Which element of hbm.xml is used to map a java.util.Set property in hibernate?

  28. Which element of hbm.xml is used to map a java.util.SortedSet property in hibernate?

  29. Which element of hbm.xml is used to map a java.util.List property in hibernate?

  30. Which element of hbm.xml is used to map a java.util.Map property in hibernate?

  31. Which element of hbm.xml is used to map a java.util.SortedMap property in hibernate?

  32. What is many-to-one association?

  33. What is one-to-one association?

  34. What is one-to-many association?

  35. What is many-to-many association?

  36. What will happen if we don’t have no-args constructor in Entity bean?

  37. How to implement Joins in Hibernate?

  38. Can we execute native sql query in hibernate?

  39. Give any benefits of native sql query support in hibernate?

  40. What are the benefits of Named SQL Query?

  41. How to log hibernate generated sql queries in log files?

  42. How can we implement relationships in Hibernate?

  43. What is cascading and what are different types of cascading?

  44. How can we integrate log4j logging in hibernate application?

  45. How can integrate Hibernate and Spring frameworks? Give all ways.

  46. How can we create primary key by using hibernate?

  47. How can we reattach any detached objects in Hibernate?

  48. What are fetching strategies? What are the different fetching strategies are of hibernate?

  49. How to store an image using hibernate

  50. How do you define sequence generated primary key in hibernate?

  51. Define cascade and inverse option in one-to-many mapping?

  52. What is a Criteria API?

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