Spring Framework 4 Essentials

This book will discuss about most important core areas of the Spring Framework. Though most notes are tested on latest Spring Framework jars available, the exact version of the Spring Framework used to test any examples will be listed.   

Spring Boot Essentials

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone Spring based Applications that you can run with minimum manual configurations by taking an opinionated view of the Spring platform and third-party libraries.

This section assumes that you have a decent understanding of Spring Essentials

Spring MVC Essentials

The Spring MVC framework provides model-view-controller architecture and also provides many components that can be used to develop web applications. Knowledge of Spring core is required to understand this book.

Hibernate 4.3 Essentials

This note book will help you to get started with Hibernate 4 like setting up environment, inheritance, mappings, HQL and the Criterial API. 

All the examples in this book is tested with Hibernate version 4.3.11.

Please refer to the hibernate references section to see the reference books that we use for learning and training purposes.

Introduction to Java Frameworks

Here you will see the theoretical introduction to all Java frameworks that you will see here. We like to keep the theoretical introduction separate from actual notes for the framework for two reasons. Someone might want to quickly look into what a framework does. Also there will be different getting started guides for different versions of a framework and we think it is better to keep the theoretical introduction at one place rather than copy it into all those note books.

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