Deadlocks in Operating Systems

Certain topics of computer science can be useful in understanding some of the concepts in programming. We will discuss those topics here. If you have a topic in mind and need an easy to learn explanation, please post a comment here and we will act upon it as fast as we can.

Performance and Monitoring of Java and Spring Projects

Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) are very important in software development, especially in a devops based model. This section will cover performance topics such as caching and monitoring topics such as logging.

Data Structures And Algorithms - Coding Problems in Java

These are some Data Structures And Algorithms (DSA) coding problems in Java. You can practise these to check your Java knowledge as well as the DSA knowledge in one shot. You may also check out the theory behind these data structures here

Design Patterns and Principles

We aim to cover at least 23 GoF design patterns using a three phase learning strategy.

This is a live running book on Design Principles and Design Patterns. More notes will be added continuosly as the learning program progresses @ the social group.

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