Java Learning With Earning


Along with learning Java, now you can also earn @


What & How To Earn


You can earn many things here including, but not limited to:

  • Respect
  • Love
  • Points
  • & even Money

Respect and Love doesn't need a special mention. You will automatically receive it when you decide to help others (see the how part for more details). 

You can gain user points and redeem it for personal classes, sessions and services.

Finally, we will give special gifts (including mobile recharges and even cash prizes), for students and jobseekers (especially those who are new to the city), who decide to spend some of their time to help us and other users along with learning (see the how part for more details). 



Along with learning Java, you can help us by proactively clearing doubts of users which you have already learned or already know. You can also help us to reach more people. Please contact us using the contact form (mentioning your mobile number) for more details. 


Happy Learning & Sharing!!!

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