Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide free java training; we only need your commitment that you will follow the notes and exercises. We run this web site and community because of our passion for the Java language. In case of class room and skype courses, we don't take fee but only infrastructure fee due to the use of resources like rooms, internet etc. We get satisfaction when someone learn and master java through us. Our fee would be a simple testimonial about your experience @ our web site's testimonial section in the forum, or a link to our site from your site/blog, or at least a simple "Thank you".

We will give you some notes from javajee website to read. You need to read them, execute any excercises within them and then come back with doubts. The doubts can be better posted on the page itself as a comment or you can ping us in facebook or google. We will help you clear your doubts and we will move to the next set of topics and the same process flow continues. 

No, we are not associated with Sun or Oracle or any other company. We are just few java developers who like to share our knowledge during our free times. We believe knowledge is useless unless you share it. The more you share, the more you learn. Know more about us @ the about page.

We will prepare you for the exams, but we are not exam providers or exam centers. You need to take the exam from an authorized exam partner of Oracle like Pearson and/or Prometric centers. You need to pay the fee for the exam directly to Oracle or through the exam partners. 

For free training, materials will be provided as links within the website. Refer to the faq on free training for details on free training. For other trainings, such as class room, skype learning etc. materials in pdfs or word format will be provided. 

If you are preparing for a certification, sample questions will also be provided at no extra cost before the exam.

Student partners can convert any book @ as a pdf e-book and download. 

You can search for contents @ using below facilities:

1. Google Search Box for JavaJEE - On the right sidebar you can find the Google custom search that searches only within This will not search recent contents not indexed by Google. This is available to all users. 

2. Google Search Box for the Web - Below the content you can find the Google custom search that searches the whole web. Use this if you can't find what you are looking for @ Else use JavaJEE the search. This is available to all users. 

3. JAVAJEE Search Box for Logged-in Users - On the right sidebar below 'Google Search Box for JavaJEE' you can find the JAVAJEE Search Box that searches only within This will also search recent contents not indexed by Google. This is available only to logged in users. 

4. Advanced JAVAJEE Search Box for Student Users - On the right sidebar below 'Google Search Box for JavaJEE' you can find the Advanced JAVAJEE Search Box that searches only within and provides advance options for refining your search. This will also search recent contents not indexed by Google. This is available only to logged student users. 

You can contact us using the contact form, the user forum at this website, or  the facebook page (messaging, posts and/or comments).

Though you can use any of these three means, the preferred approach is as follows:

  • If it is a general request, use the website forum to make the request. More people would be able to help you back and also more people would benetif from the discussion.
  • If you have to discuss a confidential matter or something which you don't want the world to know, use the contact form or  the facebook page (messaging only).
  • If you have doubts regarding a particular note @, it is always preferred to ask the doubt as a comment below the same content.
  • In case of any errors, spelling mistakes or bug report related to web site, either use the user forum page for bug report, contact us using the contact form or  the facebook page (messaging only).

We provide free project help to students and javajee members. But we don't want to burden ourselves or give false promises. 

Please let us know about the project with timelines as early as possible and get a confirmation from us. We will ask for any additional details we may need.

Though we don't encourage coming to us late after a project start, we still try to help the best way we can even for  'Work In Progress' projects.

Please let us know the issue or query you are having either through forum, contact, or javajeedotcom fb page. If confidential, please use the contact form.

Case 1: If you are stuck up on a issue for a standalone project and need help in resolving it, follow the below steps:

  1. Talk to us about the issue and get confirmation.

  2. After getting a confirmation, send us the eclipse project to the email id we provide along with clear steps to reproduce the issue.

Case 2: If you can't send the complete project for any reason, do the following:

  1. Create a standalone eclipse project with the issue you are facing with hardcoded values. For instance, if you are not able to send xml, try creating an application that can send xml with dummy values.

  2. Reproduce the issue yourself.

  3. Send us the eclipse project to the email id we provide along with clear steps to reproduce the issue.

Case 3: If you can't send the standalone project, we might not be able to help you hands on, but will try to guide you to the solution. We don't prefer this approach unless it is necessary as it takes more time than otherwise. 

Also, see our onsite project help FAQ question.

Currently we provide onsite project at your place help only @ Bangalore, India. 

We take this as an opportunity to learn something new. You learn through mistakes and we believe we can learn more working with more people and their mistakes.

This is also free and we do in our free times, weekends or other holidays. But we may charge you for travel and accomodation in some cases.

No, we don't claim that we know it all and might not even have a solution in hand for some of your problems. But we have a heart to help you and will try our best to help you or at least guide you to the right solution. 

We have been working in the IT industry for many years and try to share the knowledge and experiene we have gained over the years. If your request is within our knowledge and experience level, we will try to quickly resolve them. And if it is not, don't worry, we will try to learn and work with you as an invisible partner or an invisible project member. We also take it as an opportunity to learn something new. Java and related technologies are like the universe. Noone can master it all, but we can master the most required things. Even if you learn all the frameworks available today taking few months, by the time you finish it, another framework would have come.

How can I change my username?

You cannot automatically change it, but we can do it for you. Just send us a request using the contact us form.

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