[Downloads] Sample questions for OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Preparation

This page contains 500+ sample exam questions for OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I certification 1ZO-803 exam to test your knowledge on core Java essentials. Download them and start answering to see if you really know Java or only know about Java.

To avoid misuse of materials by automated softwares, we have encrypted the downloads with a password. Please check below the questions on how to get the password. Please also read the disclaimer given below before using the questions.

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Question Sets for OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification

  1. JAVA BASICS-12-05-2016 (37 Questions)

  2. DATA-TYPES-AND-VARIABLES-12-05-2016 (38 Questions)

  3. METHODS-AND-CONSTRUCTORS-12-05-2016 (44 Questions)


  5. OPERATORS-AND-SCOPES-012-05-2016 (34 Questions)

  6. DECISION CONSTRUCTS-12-05-2016 (40 Questions)

  7. LOOPING CONSTRUCT-12-05-2016 (42 Questions)

  8. INHERITANCE-12-05-2016 (49 Questions)

  9. ABSTRACTION-12-05-2016 (37 Questions)

  10. CASTING-AND-INSTANCEOF-12-05-2016(28 Questions)

  11. ARRAYS-12-05-2016 (40 Questions)

  12. ARRAYLIST-12-05-2016 (9 Questions)

  13. HANDLING EXCEPTIONS-12-05-2016 (66 Questions)



Important Note!

  • To avoid misuse of materials by automated softwares, we have encrypted the questions with a password. You may contact us through the Facebook page or watsapp (+91-7411174112 or +91-7411174114) by introducing yourself for getting the password. Please use the watsapp or facebook options for faster response. There might be additional delay in response if you use the contact us option. 

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  • These questions were collected from various sources in the internet and grouped by the students/job seekers. We may have added few questions and/or explanatations, but won't take any credit or even provide any warranty for these questions and/or answers. If you find any issues with the questions, please do contact us and we will do the needful. 


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