Hibernate 4.3 Essentials

This note book will help you to get started with Hibernate 4 like setting up environment, inheritance, mappings, HQL and the Criterial API. 

All the examples in this book is tested with Hibernate version 4.3.11.

Please refer to the hibernate references section to see the reference books that we use for learning and training purposes.



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Hello Sir, Since i am new to Hibernate and i have only heard of Hibernate and not familiar with its versions. Do i have to start from version 1 or should i start learning from 4.3 onwards? Should i learn anything else before i start learning Hibernate?


You can start with Hibernate 4.3. Understand about JPA and which JPA version is supported by each Hibernate version. 

It is good to have some basic SQL knowledge for hibernate. You can refer to our partner site www.datastudy.club for more learning on SQL.

How to ignore null values when updating the database in Hibernate?

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